Our collection is way different than what you have seen before: it’s my hobby and these are my real girlfriends who pose and flash their private bits for me. And it’s not just photos – it’s mostly videos!

That is incorrect. There are 120 videos and 291 photo sets. With more than twice as many photos as videos they should say it is mostly photos!

While the site does have a lot of content, it is not great quality. And it was last updated in August 2006 so don’t expect any more updates.

$12.95/3 days (rebills at $29.95/30 days recurring)

$29.95/30 days recurring

$59.95/90 days recurring

Visit flashingbeauty.com

This site is full of a bunch of really old crap. Seriously–some of the photos have a date stamp from 1998 which is before this site even started. And the home page says ‘Best viewed at 800×600 resolution’. Nobody has had monitors that small for years.

I suspect much (if not all) of the content is stolen from elsewhere. The mardi gras ones are probably stolen from some ‘girls gone wild’ videos based on the fact that most of them look like bad screen caps. And the pornstar galleries can all be found for free on the web with a small amount of searching (probably because they are ancient).

All of the ‘streams’ lead to pay per minute sites.

This site is just plain awful.

$4.99/3 day trial (rebills at $19.95/month recurring)

$19.95/month recurring

Visit candidvoyeur.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Do you live in or near Derry, New Hampshire?

Do you wear spandex in public?

If so, some creepy dude named Kieth has probably filmed you. Not only is this site just full of creepy videos of a guy in public filming butts as girls walk, jog, or sunbathe, but it is really quite a crappy site.  There are hundreds of clips, but they average about 35-40 seconds each. And are all of low 320×240 resolution. If you downloaded every clip you might get 4 hours of video, but it would be so tedious to watch them all.

Price:  $29.99 / Month

Visit: buttspy.com

Girls of Havasu has ‘girls gone wild’ style pictures and a few videos taken at Lake Havasu, AZ. They are mostly just girls in bikinis or topless, but there are a few blow job and hardcore pics thrown in.

There is just not much content and it is all old stuff. The last update was Spring Break 2007.

$7.99/30 days recurring

Visit girlsofhavasu.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

To access the members area of this site you need to become a member of SexKey which is free for a year, BUT you also have to sign up for a “free” 3 day trial to PornKing.com. This is exactly the kind of shady practice that gave the online porn industry such a bad reputation. The “free” trials rarely end up actually being free, whether it is due to “processing fees” that you missed by not reading the terms and conditions, making the cancellation process extremely difficult, or just plain theft where the company won’t cancel your trial even though it is done before the trial period has ended. Even if this company is honest, most people will forget to cancel within the trial period so they are stuck paying $40 for a site they don’t want.

If for some reason you don’t care about the shady practice of the forced “free” trial, this site is still crap. You won’t find anything in the members area that you can’t find by looking at celebrity photo sites, fashion magazine websites or trolling myspace (I’m sure these are the sources of their stolen content anyway).

Have you ever been out in public, perhaps at some sort of sporting event, convention, or just a run in the park and observed a nondescript, sweaty, middle aged, balding man with glasses and sloppy clothing taking a bunch of pictures? Perhaps this man doesn’t interact with anyone. He just takes an abnormal amount of pictures and for some reason that you just can’t quite put your finger on this man gives you the creeps? Well, that man is the one that took the pictures for this site. Him and his creepy friends.

This site has pictures of girls (and some incidental guys) in spandex taken at sporting events, ballets, beaches, and conventions. I seriously doubt any of them were paid for these pictures or even know that some creep is profiting from their images. This is what bothers me. There is nothing on this site that is worth paying for, especially since the images were taken in public for free (no nudity, either).

$9.99/30 days recurring

Visit candidcopia.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

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