I can’t decide if this site is hilariously bad or just sad and pathetic.  The scenario is exactly the same for every heroine’s story I looked at: girl in spandex costume is attacked by dude in spandex costume, a fight ensues, he gives her a wedgie then violates her a little. Oh and sometimes he rips her spandex costume. Each “episode” is accompanied by a story that is written at about a 6th grade level:

“Nnnnn…what…what happened? W…w-where am I? …oooohh…my…my….nnnhhh….hurts….”

She awoke, unaware of what had happened, where she was, why she was half naked. She was beaten so badly the only evidence she had of her brutal violation was the terrible raw aching pain in her womanhood. Darkshade had seemingly taken what he wanted and left.

The quality is terrible. Most of it was done in spandex dude’s garage or basement and it is obvious. Then there is the horrible photoshopping of some of the pics……

If this site were 5 bucks a month I might think hey, it might suck, but at least it’s not a total rip off since they still seem to update. But, the price is 30 BUCKS a month! Definitely a rip off for the awful crap you find inside.


Visit sooperhero.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Spandex Dream Girls has a good amount of content, yet I can’t say I understand the spandex fetish. However, both these things are irrelevant in this situation.

The pictures are so dull! There are about 4 different locations for almost all of the sets on the site–all white drop cloths, backyard pool, bedroom, and living room (draped in white drop cloths, of course). I am guessing they were all shot in the photographers house. Yawn. I realize finding new locations to do a photo shoot for an adult website may be difficult, but these models never get naked! I don’t think it would be that hard to find a location to shoot in if nudity is not a consideration.

The super girl pic below is the best photo on the entire site. Why? Because it is the only one that shows ANY creativity or thought whatsoever (however little it may be).

The last update was almost a year ago.

$14.95/30 days recurring

Visit spandexdreamgirls.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Have you ever been out in public, perhaps at some sort of sporting event, convention, or just a run in the park and observed a nondescript, sweaty, middle aged, balding man with glasses and sloppy clothing taking a bunch of pictures? Perhaps this man doesn’t interact with anyone. He just takes an abnormal amount of pictures and for some reason that you just can’t quite put your finger on this man gives you the creeps? Well, that man is the one that took the pictures for this site. Him and his creepy friends.

This site has pictures of girls (and some incidental guys) in spandex taken at sporting events, ballets, beaches, and conventions. I seriously doubt any of them were paid for these pictures or even know that some creep is profiting from their images. This is what bothers me. There is nothing on this site that is worth paying for, especially since the images were taken in public for free (no nudity, either).

$9.99/30 days recurring

Visit candidcopia.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

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