From the tour:

Our main objectives for the shootings where:

* aesthetical & ambitious photographs
* best quality at 768 x 1024 px
* alternating locations in germany
* only high-quality stockings

I’d say they did not meet their objectives.

Ladies In Stockings features a bunch of unsmiling girls wearing stockings in uninspired, uninteresting and unprofessional photos. The photo sets are broken up into small parts and doled out in ‘magazine’ style silliness. I mean really, making stuff on your website look like hard copy magazines stopped being neat and interesting around 1999.

They claim to update every Thursday and Friday, but actually they haven’t added anything new to the site in more than a year. The last update was in July of 2009.

$24.95/30 days (rebills at $14.95/30 days recurring)

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Nylonic has a good amount of content that seems to be decent quality.

But, the tour promises they update twice a week and this is not true. At least not any more. When you click on ‘Next Updates’ it just says the next updates will be online soon. The last update was a year ago.

$29.95/30 days recurring

$34.95/30 days non-recurring

$149.00/180 days non-recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

When you log into, you are greeted with this message.



We have been having a heck of a time with hackers to the site as I am sure many of you already know, since I have had to make changes to many many of your usernames and passwords – these hackers have cost us TIME and MONEY…Unfortunately this has taken a toll on our updates of the site..the untimely business with Globill (our old creditcard processor) has further made our updates suffer…we are right now planning a fantastic *EXCLUSIVE* shoot which will be available very soon!!

I can relate to how much trouble those pesky hackers can be.  They certainly have cost me a lot of time and money in the past.  I also am familiar with the globill situation they mention. (Their billing company ripped them off)

My problem with all of this is that this happened YEARS ago.  Their last update was in 2004.  When exactly is this fantastic exclusive shoot coming?  Is it really worthwhile to spend $19.95 a month for a 6 year promise of new photos?

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The content sort of looks like just a random assortment of images taken from around the Internet.  Except their EXCLUSIVE section which features a faceless woman who is seen NOWHERE ELSE!

Check out her pics below.

$19.99/month recurring


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