There is a chance this site was awesome a long time ago. But now it is old, outdated, and pretty much a rip off.

The site is basically a non nude video site, with a fair number of cute girls teasing you on video and slipping up enough to give you a peek here and there. But, that is where the good ends. The site has not been updated since 2004 and the highest resolution you will find videos in is 640×480 with most at 320×240. We live in a world of broadband, big screens and HD video. It’s really hard to enjoy a movie when it is so pixelated.  Another bonus: many videos are divided up into short clips requiring you to download 8 or more clips to enjoy the whole video. They allow you to download a zip file of all the clips. But, not the whole video in one shot. If you are proficient with linux it is not too hard to write a script that will use ffmpeg to join the clips together for you. But really, why should you have to do that?

To top it off, they did not deinterlace their videos.  If you don’t know what that means….  Well, let’s just say it makes the videos look even more crappy than they need to be.

Certainly not worth $29.95 per month

This site kind of made me sad.  It could be a really awesome site, but you have to do some serious detective work to find out it is a non nude site.  Most people will not find out until after they paid $29.95 to get inside.

As I have said before.  I have no problems with non nude sites.  And in fact this one has some really cute girls and very nice high resolution photos.  I just think that you are seriously misrepresenting yourself when you hint that you get to see things inside when you do not actually get to.  The signup page also has a prechecked cross sale to another site which is a bit shady because if you are not careful you could find yourself getting charged double.

The diary inside has not been updated for a year and the main girl who is advertised as being 19.  Well… Let’s just say that she has not been 19 for quite a while.


I’m not sure this site even counts as porn since you never see any naughty bits and therefore they can accept paypal, but they don’t tell you it is a non-nude site in the tour or on the join page so that is deceptive. There is nothing wrong with non-nude sites, they just need to be up front about it so people are not disappointed.

Last update: April 2008.

$12.95/30 days recurring

$11.95/30 days recurring (paypal)

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Spandex Dream Girls has a good amount of content, yet I can’t say I understand the spandex fetish. However, both these things are irrelevant in this situation.

The pictures are so dull! There are about 4 different locations for almost all of the sets on the site–all white drop cloths, backyard pool, bedroom, and living room (draped in white drop cloths, of course). I am guessing they were all shot in the photographers house. Yawn. I realize finding new locations to do a photo shoot for an adult website may be difficult, but these models never get naked! I don’t think it would be that hard to find a location to shoot in if nudity is not a consideration.

The super girl pic below is the best photo on the entire site. Why? Because it is the only one that shows ANY creativity or thought whatsoever (however little it may be).

The last update was almost a year ago.

$14.95/30 days recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Jordan Carver bought herself a huge expensive rack, but you won’t see it inside the members area of her official site.

For the hefty price tag of 30 bucks you get 12 photo sets, 3 videos and some snapshots. At least a few of the photo sets are available elsewhere for free.

The site is still pretty new and maybe they have a bunch of content they plan to add, but as it is now it is WAY over priced for what little there is to see inside (both content and skin).

$29.99/30 days (rebills at &19.99/30 days)


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