Cornhole Cruisers was obviously made cheaply and lazily using a template–assembly line style. I know this by looking at the videos page:

See the problem? I doubt gay men would be interested in preggo porn or talking to Live girls. Obviously they made a “preggo” site prior to making this one and forgot to change the theme.

There are only 36 photo sets that are relevant to the site. They rotate the sets to make it look like they add new content every few days, but it’s just an old sleazy trick. The rest of the photo galleries feature themes like big tits, double penetration, fat girls, lesbians, and MILFs to name a few. Again, nothing gay men would be interested in.

The only videos that work are the short MPEG clips. There are no full length movies. All of the video feeds are broken.

This site is just crap.

$39.99/30 days recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!


The content may be exclusive, but they no longer update. And this site has just 53 photo sets and 29 videos–I wouldn’t consider that “TONS”.

They make a big deal about the gagging and puking on this site, but I don’t believe any of it is real. I mean, these are scrawny Asian twinks we’re talking about here. I did not see even one average sized dick on the whole site, let alone any big ones. I don’t think it’s possible to gag on a 4″ dick. You might think I’m just being mean and exaggerating, but I assure you I am not.


Well, that’s just not true.

Access all our sites with one membership!

This is the only gay site in their network. There are 2 tranny sites, but the rest are straight sites which I doubt would be interesting to a gay man.

Last update 7/26/2009.

$24.95/30 days recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

This site is a blinking minefield of ads and affiliate links. Most of the content is either broken, removed or disabled. The only content left on the site is the solo pics. The hardcore pics are gone, and the licensed video feeds they make such a big deal about in the tour are all disabled. The personals are just links to online dating sites, most of which are either gone or cater to straight people. Clicking on ‘Live Shows’ just takes you to a page of links to cam sites that you have to pay for (of course many of them no longer exist). The magazines are all broken or go to sites that no longer exist.

To add insult to injury, the dudes are not all blonde. There are quite a few brunettes and one mulleted redhead.

***The join page has a pre-checked cross sale to another site and if not cancelled within 3 days will be billed at $38.73/month recurring.***

$19.95/month recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

The home page of Totally Latinos is a minefield of affiliate links. All of the “hardcore videos” are just feeds. Broken feeds. The “personals”, “live chat” and “live shows” sections are all just affiliate links to other pay sites. The links to the “online magazines” are so old that they just lead to parked pages (the magazines no longer exist). And the photo galleries haven’t been updated since at least 2008.

This site is a huge rip off.

$39.95/30 days

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Everything on this site is broken except for the photos and videos. Usually when an awful porn site has broken stuff it is the content. But, the content consists of a measly 15 photo sets and 20 videos. And of course the videos are all broken up into smaller clips with no option to watch the video in full.

This site is from the same company as Grannys Hardcore and as with that site you get access to all their other sites. But this is the only gay site they have, so I doubt anyone joining this site would be interested in Euro babes or blondes with big tits.

The last update was in 2008.

$39.95/month recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is! is supposed to be a sort of gay dating website but is actually more of a porn site featuring amateur gay men who supposedly submit their photos.

The site really fails in about every way that it can.  As a dating site it is horrible.  The profiles are manually added by the webmaster which means that if you submit a profile you do not have any easy way to edit or remove it without having to contact the webmaster.  Considering it has not been updated since June 2009, it is likely the webmaster is not available.  Even worse, if you want to just browse the profiles you have no option to sort them in any sort of meaningful way.  Want to find someone near you?  How about your age? How about with your same sexual interests?  Maybe body type?  Nope.  You much click on to each and every single profile.

I understand that back in 1999 when this site started, it was probably the easiest way to do it.  But this is 2010 and there is tons of free software out there that could be installed to turn this into a real hookup site.

As for the porn.  Well, there are a lot of galleries, but again they are not sorted in any way and although they mention many times that the men you see in the galleries are also men who have profiles on the site.  They do not link you to said profiles.  Instead, you are asked to browse the profiles and see if you recognize any of them.

There is an amazing video gallery with 12 videos in 180×120 resolution conveniently encoded in real media or windows media format.

The site suggests viewing it in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator 4.0 and 800×600 resolution.  That should give you an idea of just how outdated it is.

Price: $18 Monthly

Visit and tell us how awful it is!

500+ High Quality Original Pictures

High quality? No, not even close. They are tiny crappy screen caps of the videos. And original? Some of the screen caps even show the url of another site! So, even if they paid for them (which is unlikely) they are not original.

30+ Exclusive Voyeur Spy Cam Videos
30+ Hot Guys Caught Wanking

This makes it seem like there are 30+ spy vids AND 30+ guys wanking. In reality there are 25 TOTAL videos and 29 guys (4 guys just have pics).  There is not 30+ of anything.

This site hasn’t updated since it started in 2006.

Oh, and if these are supposed to be guys that are “caught wanking” and don’t know anyone is watching them then why do some of the scenes have 3 HANDS? I didn’t believe any of these were really spy videos to begin with, but when a mysterious 3rd hand shows up that just takes away all credibility.

$24.95/30 days then $19.95/30 days recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!



Wow! What else do they have to say about this site?

Their bubble butts are so tough and their assholes are so deep that mighty gay cocks just disappear in those gashes bringing boys unforgettable satisfaction which ends up with splashing of bubbling juices–the sign of an explosive orgasm!



Well, I don’t know how accurate their engrish descriptions are, but their claim of “exclusive” content is a bit sketchy. I know some of the sets on are also on Hospital Secrets (but they don’t photoshop the cocks to be the size of baseball bats on this site). Both awful sites are owned by the same company, but I still don’t think it’s right to claim they are exclusive when they are on more than one site.

There is an ok amount of content with 93 photo sets and 19 videos, but the last update was in 2006 so don’t expect anything new.

Well, I take it back–I just looked at the bonus content and they DO photoshop cocks to be the size of baseball bats. See pics below.

$9.95/2 day trial (rebills at $39.95/30 days recurring)

$39.95/30 days recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

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