Cyber Erotica has a really slick, flashy tour that makes all kinds of claims and promises.

Don’t just watch porn, cum experience it with the power of HD technology!
With over 20,000 sets and weekly photo shoots, our High Resolution photo archive is sure to impress the porn lover in you! Enjoy weekly photo and video updates of the most gorgeous girls caught spreading their tender and juicy pussies in front of our high-tech HD cameras.

While it may be true that they do weekly photo shoots, they definitely are not putting those photos on this site. Nearly ALL of the 23 photo sets that were allegedly added this week are watermarked 2002 or 2003 (and the rest were one set each from ’04, ’05, and ’06). So they are either recycling old content, or adding ‘new’ old licensed content. And they claim they are high resolution, but they are not even close. The quality is not terrible, but definitely not high res.

None of the video updates for this week are in HD, either.

This site is very sleazy with their join process. They have big flashy banners all over the tour claiming “FREE LIFETIME ACCESS!”  But, they make you fill in all of your info before they even show you the fine print:

(**) Your Free Lifetime access to Cybererotica includes a free 2 day trial promo to the All Access Network. TO AVOID BEING CHARGED A MONTHLY FEE, SIMPLY CANCEL YOUR ALL ACCESS NETWORK MEMBERSHIP BEFORE THE TRIAL PERIOD ENDS. If you remain a member beyond the Trial Period, your All Access Network membership will renew at $39.95/month, or the then applicable rate, until cancelled. Your lifetime access to Cybererotica remains active even if you cancel your All Access Network membership.

This is not even a pre-checked cross sale (which is bad enough)–there is NO check box. You have to accept the “free 2 day trial” to join the site. Without a check box it just looks like typical fine print that I bet at least 90% of people don’t read. And if you don’t check your credit card statements carefully you could potentially be charged for months before you realize it.

This site is just bad news.

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

This site is really scammy….

The tour claims:




There are actually 0 photos on this site.

Almost everything you see in the tour is NOT in the members area.

All but the four newest videos were added on the same day. So, they have only updated 4 times (one of which is broken) since the site began with gaps up to 4 and 5 months in between updates.

The ONLY option for joining is the ‘free’ 2 day trial. They won’t even tell you how much it rebills at until you enter your user name, password, email address, and ZIP code! If they were an honest, legitimate site then they wouldn’t have to trick people into paying for it.

Free 2 day trial (rebills at $39.87/month)

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

To access the members area of this site you need to become a member of SexKey which is free for a year, BUT you also have to sign up for a “free” 3 day trial to This is exactly the kind of shady practice that gave the online porn industry such a bad reputation. The “free” trials rarely end up actually being free, whether it is due to “processing fees” that you missed by not reading the terms and conditions, making the cancellation process extremely difficult, or just plain theft where the company won’t cancel your trial even though it is done before the trial period has ended. Even if this company is honest, most people will forget to cancel within the trial period so they are stuck paying $40 for a site they don’t want.

If for some reason you don’t care about the shady practice of the forced “free” trial, this site is still crap. You won’t find anything in the members area that you can’t find by looking at celebrity photo sites, fashion magazine websites or trolling myspace (I’m sure these are the sources of their stolen content anyway).

Join now and you’ll get free access to one of the largest online picture databases. Containing only the hottest ass oriented pics you ever wanted to see. If it “ain’t” here, you’ll not find it anywhere. The photo section is totally dedicated to those who just love asses and anal sex.

Really? I find that interesting, because the members section is actually the exact same site as we saw in our Absolute Asians review.

So that means that you will get a few anal pics and videos and then a giant assortment of crap.

I also like how they plaster FREE all over their tour, yet they are playing that old dirty trick that got the adult biz in so much trouble years ago. Lure people in with the promise of free porn, then bill their card for $39.21 if they do not cancel fast enough. Now, cancelling a trial subscription from a reputable processor like ccbill or epoch is easy. You just go to their site yourself and cancel instantly. But, does not use a billing processor I have ever heard of, nor do they have any sort of visible information on how you might cancel your trial.


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