This is a really old site with really old porn. We’re talking late 90′s here, some possibly older. It’s by the same company that made the crappy Natural Girl site.

Each month we give you the hottest black girl erotica from around the world. Each month you’ll have original images that do not make it into mass circulation.

Hmmm if that is the case, then why hasn’t the site been updated since 1999? And also, why did I recognize this pic from Lesbo 101 which I reviewed many months ago?

At thirty bucks a month this site is WAY over priced. But, even if this site were only a dollar I still wouldn’t recommend it.

$29.95/month recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Oh, my……where to start….

This site is just all sorts of awful. The site design is awful, the navigation is awful, the models and photography are awful, there is annoying blinking shit everywhere……

The ‘meet the models’ section is not clickable, so if you like a particular model you then have to search the site manually to find her (there is NO search feature and the “Old Galleries” index seems to be in no particular order). The model name “Thick Fudge” caught my attention (in a very, very bad way), but when I went to the archives I couldn’t find any photos of her (I should probably be very glad of this, however).

Some of the videos seem to be broken, and others are as short as 90 seconds.

The photos are so bad I just don’t even know how to describe them. So, just check them out for yourself below.

$24.95/month recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

This site is painfully slow to load and painful to look at once it does. It features a terrible design with tiny thumbnails which leaves too much blank background. The stupid fonts are difficult to read against the chosen background.

The photo quality is not good and some photos have the site url right smack in the middle of the photo or in obnoxious colors and and unnecessarily large fonts. I understand people don’t like to have their photos stolen, but there is no need to make the url so big and/or obnoxious that it ruins the photo.

The last update was at least a year ago.

The site is also a reported attack site (which is why we won’t link to it like we normally do) so only visit the site if you are confident in your virus and malware protection software.


This site looks like it could be legit and the “No download limit” might be tempting. It also looks like it has a lot of content with claims of “Hundreds of other DVD’s”. The home page has a million buttons all over the place, so there must be a ton of videos, right? But all those buttons lead to the same 34 DVD’s.

And the “100% Ebony Content” claim that’s all over the place? Not even close. You can see for yourself in the tour that there are plenty of White and Latino men in the videos.

The ‘Next Update’ box is blank as you can see. The date for the next update is listed as 12/31/69 which is obviously wrong. I doubt there are any plans to update ever again given the scammy nature of this site.

This site is also guilty of the same shady billing practices as Ejaculating Babes. There are TWO pre-checked cross sales on the join page. If you are not very careful to cancel your memberships within 2 days to all 3 sites, you could be charged more than $120 on your credit card!

$1/2 day trial (rebills at $39.91/30 days recurring)

$29.91/30 days recurring

$59.91/90 days recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Bangin Blacks was created in 2004 and has just 17 videos (and 6 have accompanying photosets). So, their claim that they have weekly updates is a complete lie. And “thousands of hi-res ebony photos”? No, there are only 1,808 photos of 6 girls.

This site is crap.

$2.95/2 day trial (rebills at $34.95/30 days)

$24.95/30 days recurring

$59.95/90 days

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

“I have huge tits as you can see, 52 JJJ but most guys simply cannot handle these mega sized boobs of mine!”

I always find it funny when big women try to act like men can’t handle them, when it’s usually that they just don’t want to. I don’t blame them one bit after looking at this site. The photography is pretty awful and not even a little bit flattering to her figure.

The tour says there are weekly updates, but the last update was 8/3 (no year). The ‘my friends’ button just takes you to a photoset from the gallery of her with another large black model. And I am pretty sure she has stopped doing webcam shows.

There does seem to be quite a bit of content, but I personally prefer quality over quantity. I think the pictures below speak for themselves.

$24.90/30 days recurring

$49.80/90 days non-recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

AFew4U stands for: America’s Finest Ethnic Women 4 U. When did the term ethnic change to mean only black?

This site is pretty terrible. There are just 17 videos and they are crappy bts footage of some crappy photo shoots. There are no thumbnails, only an index of photos and videos. The photosets are in reverse order: they start out with the least amount of clothing then end clothed. And a lot of the photos look like they were taken by a moonlighting Sears portrait studio ‘photographer’ that shot the models in the studio after hours–complete with the cheesy cloth backdrops and silly props. The tour gives no indication that the site is almost entirely non-nude. I only found a few photosets in the archives that show nipples and that’s as far as they go. And of course, the last update was back on 7/21/2008.

$7.99/3 day trial (recurring at $9.99/30 days)

$8.99/3 day trial (recurring at $9.99/30 days)–no reason given for 2 different prices on the trial

$12.99/30 days (recurring at $9.99/30 days)

$24.99/90 days non-recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!


[eth-nik] Show IPA –adjective

1. pertaining to or characteristic of a people, esp. a group (ethnic group) sharing a common and distinctive culture, religion, language, or the like.
2. referring to the origin, classification, characteristics, etc., of such groups.
3. being a member of an ethnic group, esp. of a group that is a minority within a larger society

This site is mostly lame licensed content you can find on hundreds of other lame porn sites. That’s all they have for pictures–recycled licensed content of every genre, not just ebony.

The newest update on the homepage says it was added on 2006-03-04, but when you click on it to watch/download it says it was added on 2005-07-12 so…..who knows how long ago this site was actually updated. Also the description says the woman gives a hand job in the car (which they don’t show) and the woman is latina, not black.

All of the whopping 44 movies are broken up into 1-5 minute (on average) clips which is irritating.

Overall, this site is completely lame and should just go away for good.

$4.95/3 days

$29.95/30 days

$69.95/90 days

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

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