Let’s see what this site promises:

No Viruses, Trojans or other nasty stuff that you get on the Tube Sites!

Well that’s nice. But, there are PLENTY of good, honest porn sites that won’t give your computer viruses or any other ‘nasty stuff’ and they cost less, too so that’s not much of a selling point.

4 Daily Updates!

Yeah this is not true. The last dozen updates were posted 1 per day, but the older ones don’t have dates on them.

HD Quality Movies!

Only 7 of the 51 total movies are in HD.

Hundreds of Sexy Models!

Well I don’t know how many models they really have, but there are only 51 videos each with only one or  two models.

6,000+ Videos!

There are actually only 51 videos. And nothing else.

$29.95/30 days recurring

Visit bootyclapxxx.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

This site is painfully slow to load and painful to look at once it does. It features a terrible design with tiny thumbnails which leaves too much blank background. The stupid fonts are difficult to read against the chosen background.

The photo quality is not good and some photos have the site url right smack in the middle of the photo or in obnoxious colors and and unnecessarily large fonts. I understand people don’t like to have their photos stolen, but there is no need to make the url so big and/or obnoxious that it ruins the photo.

The last update was at least a year ago.

The site is also a reported attack site (which is why we won’t link to it like we normally do) so only visit the site if you are confident in your virus and malware protection software.


“Updated Weekly! with a new movie”

This is actually not true (shocking, I know). Last update was September 2009.

There are about 90 movies, but the only pictures are small low quality screen caps from the movies.

$29.95/30 days recurring

$74.95/90 days non-recurring

$99.95/180 days non-recurring

Visit largeladaylovin.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

“I promise that you have NEVER seen a site like this before! I handpick some of the finest girls from the HOOD that you will EVER see. Most of these girls have fucked before but this is the FIRST time they have been on camera! I have so many videos and I find, fuck, and update my site weekly with brand new amateur ass! – Wouncie the Ghetto Hugh Hefner”

On the same page: “I update everyday at 12:00am. Yep, I stay busy !”

So, which is it? Does he update daily or weekly? Neither. The site has been around for more than 9 years. So if he updated daily there would be nearly 3500 videos. If he updated weekly there would be almost 500 videos. There are actually 186 videos on the site. None have dates, though, so I don’t know how long ago the last update was added.

This guy is REALLY full of himself:

“All these bitches regret doing this shit later……but I don’t give a FUCK!!! It’s 2-late-now-whore!!!!

“Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions that I get emailed to me all the fucking time. Most of them are dumb, but hey … Niggas be emailing me asking me some Dumb Ass Shit! If you’re thinking about emailing me and the stupid shit you wanna ask is not listed below feel free to hit me up at the email link on the bottom of the page and your stupid question will probably get added to this list of other stupid ass questions.

Pimpin Always, The Playa Wouncie

Q: Out of all the girls that you fuck on the site, which one has the best pussy?
A: Actually they all have good pussy, but not one of them compares to your moms.
Q: There are a lot of guys biting your style Wouncie, what do you think about that?
A: When you are Pimpin’ like Pimpin’ be Pimpin’ Imitators will always pop up. Pics Below.

Really?? This idiot thinks he’s the first guy to wear a bandana over his nose and mouth? I am pretty sure people have been wearing bandanas to cover their faces since they were invented hundreds of years ago. If not, then I know at least they wore them this way in most Westerns like The Lone Ranger back in the 30′s.

There is a flashing offer saying “Now you get all this ASS for only $9.95″ but clicking on that just brings you to the regular join page with these prices:

$29.95/month recurring

$49.95/2 months recurring

Visit asswatcher.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Big udders, thick thighs, wide hips, thin waist, big round ass, and the mentality of a good breeding cow!

I was honestly really entertained by some of the text accompanying some of the photos in this site. I couldn’t tell if it was all a joke or not.

For example you are encouraged to print out photos of one girl and use them as a sperm target and well… the pics speak for themselves.

However, inside the site it is nearly impossible to tell which is content you paid to see and what is just a link to another pay site that you must pay for.

At least 80% of the links I clicked led me to other websites which was quite disappointing.

The real content was not very interesting. A couple of girls who don’t show their faces, and some really poor quality short video clips.  The best thing is clearly the tour!


$7.95 – 7 Day Trial, $9.95 – Monthly, $18.95 – 3 Months, $29.95 – 6 Months
Click here to visit BootyGirlz.com and tell us how awful you think it is!

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