Let’s see what this site promises:

No Viruses, Trojans or other nasty stuff that you get on the Tube Sites!

Well that’s nice. But, there are PLENTY of good, honest porn sites that won’t give your computer viruses or any other ‘nasty stuff’ and they cost less, too so that’s not much of a selling point.

4 Daily Updates!

Yeah this is not true. The last dozen updates were posted 1 per day, but the older ones don’t have dates on them.

HD Quality Movies!

Only 7 of the 51 total movies are in HD.

Hundreds of Sexy Models!

Well I don’t know how many models they really have, but there are only 51 videos each with only one or  two models.

6,000+ Videos!

There are actually only 51 videos. And nothing else.

$29.95/30 days recurring

Visit bootyclapxxx.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Welcome to AnalDaughters Members’ Area! Baby, can you handle this? Just like what John Mayer said, “Fathers be good to your daughters, daughters will live like you do” Well, welcome aboard and you are about to glimpse and spot the hottest ass fucking site on the web!

I don’t even want to contemplate what the hell that means or why they chose to name the site Anal Daughters.

• Incredible collection of hard anal sex movies and pics

I don’t consider 37 videos and 23 photo sets to be “incredible”. And the photo sets are not really photos, but screen caps from the videos. It is incredible, however, that even when you download the entire video you still have to watch it in a bunch of short clips.

• Most hardcore interracial anal sex scenes ever caught on film

I only found ONE interracial scene with one black dude and one white dude doubling up on a white girl.

• Updated weekly with new and hottest models

The last update was 7/7/2009, but it was never updated weekly even when they were still adding content.

This is yet another site that uses $ and € interchangeably. The join page on the site lists the monthly price at $24.95, but when you go to the bill processing page to enter your info it changes to €24.95. I don’t know if they really think dollars and euros are always equal, or if it is a mistake from changing their billing company or something like that. But, it really makes the price jump up so they should be more careful about using the correct symbols.

€24.95/30 days recurring (approx. $34 based on today’s exchange rate)

Visit analdaughters.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

This is the intro on the home page:

First I’d like to thank you for the showed interest to my site. Allow me to introduce myself- the name is Mike. I’m a photographer in one of the famous magazines and when I have some free time I occupy myself with amateur porno shooting of mature men and women. They deprave these young guys and girls like some old experienced wolves. I hope you’d like my work and you’ll become a constant subscriber here. I’ll shoot new sets in exchange. They’ll be daily published on this site.

I love it when people claim to be professional photographers that shoot for ‘famous magazines’ and then you see their work and it is just so terrible that it’s funny. Such as we find on this site.

There are just 24 photo sets. Some are just screen shots from the video, while some are broken. And they have only 10 four minute videos.

The last update was back in 2007.

$3.95/2 day trial (rebills at $39.95/month)

$39.95/month recurring

Visit milfinass.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

*Note: The images below were not altered in any way. They appear here exactly as they do on the site.*

Join now and you’ll get free access to one of the largest online picture databases. Containing only the hottest ass oriented pics you ever wanted to see. If it “ain’t” here, you’ll not find it anywhere. The photo section is totally dedicated to those who just love asses and anal sex.

Really? I find that interesting, because the members section is actually the exact same site as we saw in our Absolute Asians review.

So that means that you will get a few anal pics and videos and then a giant assortment of crap.

I also like how they plaster FREE all over their tour, yet they are playing that old dirty trick that got the adult biz in so much trouble years ago. Lure people in with the promise of free porn, then bill their card for $39.21 if they do not cancel fast enough. Now, cancelling a trial subscription from a reputable processor like ccbill or epoch is easy. You just go to their site yourself and cancel instantly. But, AbsoluteAnal.com does not use a billing processor I have ever heard of, nor do they have any sort of visible information on how you might cancel your trial.

Visit AbsoluteAnal.com

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