An hard cock pointed shameless and deeply in the buttcrack of a hot young lady, blonde, with huge huge unbelievable boobs…

If you’re not familiar with the term, Chikan is the Japanese term for groping in public and is usually done on crowded trains. This site features terrible videos of women being groped. I guess we are supposed to think they are on trains or buses because they show a woman waiting to board then they show scenes filmed on the bus or train then they cut to the woman standing alone against a solid wall then cut to the train scene again, etc., etc. Then the woman just stands there (against a solid wall backdrop–CLEARLY not on a train or bus) and does nothing as some dude fondles her, lifts up her skirt and rubs his erection against her. Yeah……totally believable. They even reuse the same train/bus scenes over and over and over again.

They also have an 888 number you can call to talk to a ‘live’ girl to hear about her personal groping experiences. For $4.99 connect fee + $3.99 a minute. I won’t even go into how dumb this idea is……

This site is just ridiculously awful.

$27.99/30 days (rebills at $26.99/30 days recurring)

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is! is dead!

Another terrible porn site snagged by Awful Porn to make the Internet a better place!

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Let’s take a moment to examine why a person would sign up for this site.

  • They like Asians.
  • They like Asian hardcore porn.
  • This site indicates it is full of Asians participating in hardcore porn.

So, why is it that after paying $27.86 you find out that there is not any Asian porn inside?  Not even the photos and videos in the tour exist inside.  You get a bunch of pictures of white girls and a few transsexuals.

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