Inside you will find 20 low quality photo sets. They are so crappy that they might be screen grabs from videos, but there are no accompanying videos so who knows. This site is just horrible.

$14.95/30 days recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

The home page of this site is full of apologies:

Friday, March 19, 2010
Minor problems this week.
I have some issues with my Network in the Office.
Will have all the updates on the site before the end of the weekend.
Thanks for your patience.

Sunday, January 17, 2010
New Forum
AS you may know I messed up with the old forum/messageboard and accidentally wiped the data.
So firstly .. my apologies.
So I have taken this opportunity to install phpBB instead, it has a number of features I’m keen to enable for Bustybrits which punBB didn’t have.
My apologies in advance for you having to re-register.
Go take a look, I put up a couple of photos of a new girl I’m shooting on Tuesday this week.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Hi All
My apologies if any of you have and still are experiencing difficulties with the site in any way.
Sunday mid day the password file became corrupt and as yet I have not had a reply from the hosting company regarding this, even though I have emailed them several times.
Fortunately I was very nearly ready to go live with the site on my new server/ hosting company so this problem merely pushed that transfer further up the agenda.
Apart from the Forum/Messageboard, the new site should now be up to date with the data, and the DNS / Nameservers should have propagated throughout the internet, so you should all now be able to access Bustybrits on the new server.
If you see any broken or missing links let me know and I’ll upload the data straight away.
Thanks for your patience.

There are a couple teaser photos in a post from August of 2009 for 2 new models that were supposed to be added to the sight “soon”, but the full sets were never put up. It looks like the last update was in May of 2009. So much for those weekly updates promised in the tour.¬†Seems as though the webmaster vanished after all those empty promises…..

$14.95/30 days recurring

$34.95/90 days (rebills at $14.95/30 days recurring)

$79.95/365 days non-recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

This site probably used to be interesting and relevant when it started way back in 1996, but those days are long gone. The design is ugly and looks like it hasn’t been updated since the 90′s. They only update once a month–if that. It looks like they took a hiatus from updates for a while.

The forums are pretty much dead. There are only a handful of posts this year and they consist of member complaints about the lack of updates or customer service issues. One member tried unsuccessfully to cancel several times due to the lack of updates, then he tried to email the webmaster, then finally posted in the forums and this was the webmaster’s response:

Whatever.. I never got an email from you.
Your Webmaster

Looks like their customer service sucks, too. This site needs to either figure out how to adapt to the changing internet (scanned old photos and porn gifs stopped being interesting at least a decade ago), or just be taken offline.

$15/30 days non-recurring

$30/90 days non-recurring

$50/180 days non-recurring

$90/365 days non-recurring

$15/30 days (rebills at $10/30 days recurring)

$50/180 days (recurring with bonus month free)

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

OBAHS stands for Oriental Babes are Hot Stuff. Most of the models are indeed attractive and the photography is decent. The problem with this site is (of course) the misleading information in the tour:

Huge Repository of Exotic Asian Women
Updates Weekly this Huge Depot of Images Celebrates the Beauty
and Grace of the Gorgous Eastern Lovelys
Submissive Females Show You All Their Charms as You Journey through Vault After Vault Of Striking Beuaty

There are 70 photo sets on the site. Not a bad amount to start with, but certainly nowhere close to a “huge repository” or anything like the “Journey through Vault After Vault Of Striking Beuaty”. That makes it sound like it would take weeks to go through all of the content. There is no year on the dates so I don’t know when the last update was, but I suspect it hasn’t been updated in quite a while.

This site has gone through several transformations. First it was:

obahs = Oversexed Babes and Hot Sluts

Then it was:

obahs = OutCold Babes and Hot Sluts

With this description:

Dumb Drunk Passed Out Cunts Ready to be Used

Remember that snotty bitch at the party
The one that thought she was hot shit.
Making fun of everyone, flirting and cock teasing every guy there.
Well look at her now, a couple too many drinks and suddenly she’s face down on the carpet.

I have to say that after discovering what the site used to be it lowered my opinion of it considerably. The owner sounds like a total douche with nothing but disdain for women. It was clearly done by the same person because the design is identical right down to the eye hurting cyan background color.

Anyway, the bottom line is this is a take your money and run site, so save your money for good porn sites that won’t rip you off like this.

$14.95/30 days recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Spandex Dream Girls has a good amount of content, yet I can’t say I understand the spandex fetish. However, both these things are irrelevant in this situation.

The pictures are so dull! There are about 4 different locations for almost all of the sets on the site–all white drop cloths, backyard pool, bedroom, and living room (draped in white drop cloths, of course). I am guessing they were all shot in the photographers house. Yawn. I realize finding new locations to do a photo shoot for an adult website may be difficult, but these models never get naked! I don’t think it would be that hard to find a location to shoot in if nudity is not a consideration.

The super girl pic below is the best photo on the entire site. Why? Because it is the only one that shows ANY creativity or thought whatsoever (however little it may be).

The last update was almost a year ago.

$14.95/30 days recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Most of this site is broken. Clicking on most of the models just gives you an error message that basically says the webmaster screwed up. You are only able to view the content for 6 of the 36 models. For the few models that you can actually access the content, they have the photos presented in this awful image viewer:

The models are so huge that you need to scroll around to see their whole body (or is it that the image is so huge and the viewing area is so small?). Either way, this image viewer is terrible. It’s one thing to zoom in on something after you’ve seen the full photo, but to never even be able to see the photo in it’s entirety is just wrong.

Then again, so is charging money for this crappy broken site.

$9.95/3 day trial (recurring at $15/30 days)

$15/30 days either recurring or not

$35/90 days either recurring or not

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Staketet is in it’s 11th season(!) and clearly they have not updated the site design since then. There are no thumbnails on the main index page. This may have been acceptable back when the site first opened, but this is 2010 and¬† not having thumbnails now is pretty lazy. But what can you expect from a site that steals most of it’s content from newsgroups and other ‘public sources’ (this is stated at the bottom of the index)? It’s pretty scuzzy to charge money for a site that is mostly stolen content. They also rotate their content which is an indication of how archaic this site is. They post new galleries once a week, then the rest is reposted content from 2004-2006.

This site is just all kinds of terrible.

Oh and if anyone can tell me wtf staketet means I’d really like to know!

$5/6 days non-recurring

$15/30 days non-recurring

$25/60 days non-recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Jennifer Korbin is an accomplished model and actress who has been in Playboy, Maxim, and numerous other publications.

Her website could almost be cool if she worked harder to keep it updated and interact with her fans, but it kind of fails at that. The news and updates section gives you a month/day for the date, but not a year. So it only eventually becomes apparent that most of what she is talking about happened years ago.

Content is pretty sparse and she has a little bit too much dedicated to her pets…

It is not clear but I think the last update was August 2009.

Price: $16.95 for the first month $14.95 each month after.


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