I’m not sure this site even counts as porn since you never see any naughty bits and therefore they can accept paypal, but they don’t tell you it is a non-nude site in the tour or on the join page so that is deceptive. There is nothing wrong with non-nude sites, they just need to be up front about it so people are not disappointed.

Last update: April 2008.

$12.95/30 days recurring

$11.95/30 days recurring (paypal)

Visit karen-zaremba.net then come back and tell us how awful it is!

BlackAmateurBoobs.com is Dead! Another crappy porn site gone from the internet!

This site has been around since 1998 and was started by a photographer that has been taking pictures since 1995. And he hasn’t learned one damn thing about how to take a decent picture in all this time! I don’t know how he can call himself a photographer with a straight face. Just because you own a camera and can push the button does not make you a photographer.

From the join page:

This gives you 30 days access to current month issue only!

No back issues or archives with this membership!

This is somehow supposed to convince people to join? There actually are 4 pages of archives for a whopping total of 45 models that have about 20-40 pictures each. Maybe in 1998 that would have been really impressive, but that’s nothing by today’s standards.

$12.99/30 days recurring

Visit blackamateurboobs.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Bountiful Bodies features really big women, but the amount of content is really small. There are only 9 models with 20-25 photos each, and 4 of the models have a few video clips that are just 10-30 seconds long. That’s all you will find in the members section.

The home page says this is issue #30, but gives no indication of how often they have new issues.

As for the photography, it is actually not as terrible as I expected (there just needs to be more of it). The photographer seems to make an effort to capture the women in more flattering poses and shoot from good angles, which is definitely not something I normally see with the photos of big women. Usually the BBW sites like to use terrible angles, horrible poses, and even wide angle lenses to make the women look fatter and more unattractive.

If this site had more content, perhaps even just having the archives available it really wouldn’t be such a bad site. But there is just so little content for your money as it is now.

$12.99/month recurring

Visit bountifulbodies.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

AFew4U stands for: America’s Finest Ethnic Women 4 U. When did the term ethnic change to mean only black?

This site is pretty terrible. There are just 17 videos and they are crappy bts footage of some crappy photo shoots. There are no thumbnails, only an index of photos and videos. The photosets are in reverse order: they start out with the least amount of clothing then end clothed. And a lot of the photos look like they were taken by a moonlighting Sears portrait studio ‘photographer’ that shot the models in the studio after hours–complete with the cheesy cloth backdrops and silly props. The tour gives no indication that the site is almost entirely non-nude. I only found a few photosets in the archives that show nipples and that’s as far as they go. And of course, the last update was back on 7/21/2008.

$7.99/3 day trial (recurring at $9.99/30 days)

$8.99/3 day trial (recurring at $9.99/30 days)–no reason given for 2 different prices on the trial

$12.99/30 days (recurring at $9.99/30 days)

$24.99/90 days non-recurring

Visit afew4u.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!


[eth-nik] Show IPA –adjective

1. pertaining to or characteristic of a people, esp. a group (ethnic group) sharing a common and distinctive culture, religion, language, or the like.
2. referring to the origin, classification, characteristics, etc., of such groups.
3. being a member of an ethnic group, esp. of a group that is a minority within a larger society

“Freaky and going strong since 1996″ It looks like they haven’t changed their site design since then. The navigation is bad and there are all sorts of annoying flashy things circa the mid 90′s. Web site design has come a long way since 1996, but clearly the owners of this site want no part of it.

They make it seem like each girl has her own website when they say “get access to all the girls when you join one!”, but each girl’s “site” is just a photo gallery often with just a handful of sets. Some have decent quality photos while many are just terrible.

So, what sorts of women have “sites” inside the members area of Freak Mommas you wonder? See for yourself below.

$12.95/30 days recurring

$29.95/90 days non-recurring

$49.95/180 days non-recurring

Visit freakmommas.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Bigger Bigger Bigger is another shitty porn comic site. It is awful for completely different reasons than AllPornComics.com, however. Instead of looking like the doodles in a 12 year old boy’s notebook, the “cartoontist” does appear to have some drawing skills. I just don’t think they have ever seen a real naked woman (or man for that matter). And the concept is stupid: the women all want bigger boobs so (for whatever reason-it varies from story to story) they suddenly get boobs the size of hot air balloons. Sometimes it isn’t just their boobs that explode in size it is their entire body that looks like it was inflated to Hulk like proportions. Yeah….I almost sprained my eyes with all the eye rolling I did while looking through this site. See the awful-ness for yourself in the samples below .

$12.95/month recurring at $8.95/month

Visit biggerbiggerbigger.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Yes, we are nerds and had to make this joke.

404Hoe.com is dead!

Another terrible porn site snagged by Awful Porn to make the Internet a better place!

Want to buy the name and make it a good site? Contact AwfulPorn@gmail.com

When I first saw the domain ’404hoe.com’ I thought it might be something to do with the ’404 error’ message. That would have been much cooler than what it actually refers to: terrible amateur porn shot in Atlanta (404 is the Atlanta area code).

It is a bland white page with mismatched thumbnails that take you to an index list of .JPG files without thumbnails so you have no idea what they are until you click on them. All of the videos seem to be short clips of the same movie. And all of the pictures seem to be of the same session as well. Clicking on what appear to be more galleries just takes you to other pay sites or lists of porn sites.

$12.95/month recurring

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