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Clear crisp scans.
No banner ads.
No adult check.
Very low cost.
E-Mail answered within one day if not hours.
Saves you a lot of time surfing.
Only GREAT bottoms.
You will see over 1000 Great Bottoms.  No searching or disappointments.  No junk and small and bad scans.  Why not join NOW?

Why not? Because this site is crap. There is nothing original, exclusive, or new. The entire members area consists of very old random stolen photos. Some are so old that the person who scanned the photo put their name on it (they used to do that in the early days of the internet when scanners were expensive and rare). They didn’t even try to hide the fact that the photos are stolen! Most still have the logo or url of the website still on the picture. Some even say ‘promo sample’ on them!

I can’t believe this site has been around for so long, let alone charging money for this crap.

$9.95/30 days

$24.95/90 days

$69.95/365 days

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

The members section of Men Spanked is full of a bunch of old crap. You get some stories, poems, some old crappy scanned pictures from magazines, some crappy members photos, old crappy drawings and cartoons, and old really crappy video clips. The video page has this message:

Due to bandwidth considerations, we rotate video clips each month

Really?!? They have to conserve bandwidth when they only have 8 video clips (only 2 of which are more than 30 seconds long)?? I am guessing that in reality they just haven’t updated their website since 2001 when that was actually a consideration.

The updates page is broken so I assume there are no plans to update ever again. But, does anyone really want to see more of this crap?

credit card:

$9.95/month recurring

$24.95/3 months recurring

$69.95/year recurring



$29.95/3 months


Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

I don’t know who told this girl that she was sexy, but they have a MUCH different definition of the word than I do.

Even if you find her attractive, the photos are terrible! The earlier ones were taken with a 35mm camera and scanned in, but even the newer ones are still not remotely close to good quality. And the last update was in 2006, so she hasn’t updated in 4 years.

There are just 28 videos, some very short. Her webcam, streaming video, and live cam girls buttons have all been disabled.

“Turn-Offs: Rude people who don’t like my site. If you don’t like it, Fuckin leave!”

You got it Cherry. I’m sorry I had to spend as much time there as I did. (I’m guessing she got a lot of criticism about her terrible site for her to put that in the tour!)

$9.99/30 days recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Have you ever been out in public, perhaps at some sort of sporting event, convention, or just a run in the park and observed a nondescript, sweaty, middle aged, balding man with glasses and sloppy clothing taking a bunch of pictures? Perhaps this man doesn’t interact with anyone. He just takes an abnormal amount of pictures and for some reason that you just can’t quite put your finger on this man gives you the creeps? Well, that man is the one that took the pictures for this site. Him and his creepy friends.

This site has pictures of girls (and some incidental guys) in spandex taken at sporting events, ballets, beaches, and conventions. I seriously doubt any of them were paid for these pictures or even know that some creep is profiting from their images. This is what bothers me. There is nothing on this site that is worth paying for, especially since the images were taken in public for free (no nudity, either).

$9.99/30 days recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

Sex Euro Cup gets 5 points for cleverness and originality, but loses 5 points for not updating since 2008, for a final score of zero.

The concept is clever (if not a bit silly): nude models with painted on soccer uniforms from each country that participated in the 2008 European Championships pose on a little mock soccer field. The sets were put up to correspond to the actual matches (so June 7 it was Portugal vs. Turkey). They use the same solo girl photoset each time a team plays a match, however and it’s not a set of both models together (which would have been much better). But, I still give them a lot of credit for the detail of the uniforms so it probably just wasn’t feasible to paint them on more than once to do a new photo shoot for each match.

This was probably a pretty neat novelty site when it first came out, but without updates and just recycling the same sets it really isn’t worth the money.

$9.95/30 days non-recurring

I am not sure what’s going on here……the name of this site and the home page lead you to believe this site has“Tons of XXX Retro Pics!” But, when you log into the members area it is the same as Classic-Peep : “Space Amazones The Spacey Site With Tons of Hardcore Porn”. There are no retro pics, only a handful of crappy early 90′s pic sets of girls in vinyl and sparkly makeup.

I’m pretty sure if you’re interested in vintage peep shows and retro porn, then you will find the content of this site to be ridiculous and not at all sexy.


Big udders, thick thighs, wide hips, thin waist, big round ass, and the mentality of a good breeding cow!

I was honestly really entertained by some of the text accompanying some of the photos in this site. I couldn’t tell if it was all a joke or not.

For example you are encouraged to print out photos of one girl and use them as a sperm target and well… the pics speak for themselves.

However, inside the site it is nearly impossible to tell which is content you paid to see and what is just a link to another pay site that you must pay for.

At least 80% of the links I clicked led me to other websites which was quite disappointing.

The real content was not very interesting. A couple of girls who don’t show their faces, and some really poor quality short video clips.  The best thing is clearly the tour!


$7.95 – 7 Day Trial, $9.95 – Monthly, $18.95 – 3 Months, $29.95 – 6 Months
Click here to visit and tell us how awful you think it is!

*Update: Oct 18 2009* is dead!

Another terrible porn site snagged by Awful Porn to make the Internet a better place!

Want to buy the name and make it a good site? Contact

This site has a really crappy and annoying design. All the photos are not really organized in any particular way, no photo sets…  just random photos. And although they say it is updated daily, it appears the site has not been updated in a very long time.

$9.95 – 30 days

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