Killshot is supposed to be a sort of gay dating website but is actually more of a porn site featuring amateur gay men who supposedly submit their photos.

The site really fails in about every way that it can.  As a dating site it is horrible.  The profiles are manually added by the webmaster which means that if you submit a profile you do not have any easy way to edit or remove it without having to contact the webmaster.  Considering it has not been updated since June 2009, it is likely the webmaster is not available.  Even worse, if you want to just browse the profiles you have no option to sort them in any sort of meaningful way.  Want to find someone near you?  How about your age? How about with your same sexual interests?  Maybe body type?  Nope.  You much click on to each and every single profile.

I understand that back in 1999 when this site started, it was probably the easiest way to do it.  But this is 2010 and there is tons of free software out there that could be installed to turn this into a real hookup site.

As for the porn.  Well, there are a lot of galleries, but again they are not sorted in any way and although they mention many times that the men you see in the galleries are also men who have profiles on the site.  They do not link you to said profiles.  Instead, you are asked to browse the profiles and see if you recognize any of them.

There is an amazing video gallery with 12 videos in 180×120 resolution conveniently encoded in real media or windows media format.

The site suggests viewing it in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator 4.0 and 800×600 resolution.  That should give you an idea of just how outdated it is.

Price: $18 Monthly

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This site is truly like stepping back into internet porn history. (check out the “phone sex” image below) My gosh, people actually used to pay money for and get off on this sort of thing.

The site is of course typical of those we review here by making huge claims in the tour and delivering little in the members area.  But, this site takes it to quite an exciting level.  Almost everything inside is broken including the erotic stories, webcams, most of the videos and most of the photos.

There is a handful of shitty photos and about 10 video clips.  Each video clip is 1 minute in length and 180×120 resolution for the high bandwidth ISDN option. (That might be funny for those of you old enough to remember what ISDN was.)

Yep, you can gain access to this ancient turd of a website for only $29.99 per month!

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There is a chance this site was awesome a long time ago. But now it is old, outdated, and pretty much a rip off.

The site is basically a non nude video site, with a fair number of cute girls teasing you on video and slipping up enough to give you a peek here and there. But, that is where the good ends. The site has not been updated since 2004 and the highest resolution you will find videos in is 640×480 with most at 320×240. We live in a world of broadband, big screens and HD video. It’s really hard to enjoy a movie when it is so pixelated.  Another bonus: many videos are divided up into short clips requiring you to download 8 or more clips to enjoy the whole video. They allow you to download a zip file of all the clips. But, not the whole video in one shot. If you are proficient with linux it is not too hard to write a script that will use ffmpeg to join the clips together for you. But really, why should you have to do that?

To top it off, they did not deinterlace their videos.  If you don’t know what that means….  Well, let’s just say it makes the videos look even more crappy than they need to be.

Certainly not worth $29.95 per month

Sometimes making one crappy site is just not enough. Yet, sometimes making two crappy sites is just too much work. So for the lazy awful pornographer the solution is to make multiple sites using the same crap.

Which is exactly what has been done with our previously reviewed

Basically the same crap, different name, still a rip off at $29.95 per month.

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This site kind of made me sad.  It could be a really awesome site, but you have to do some serious detective work to find out it is a non nude site.  Most people will not find out until after they paid $29.95 to get inside.

As I have said before.  I have no problems with non nude sites.  And in fact this one has some really cute girls and very nice high resolution photos.  I just think that you are seriously misrepresenting yourself when you hint that you get to see things inside when you do not actually get to.  The signup page also has a prechecked cross sale to another site which is a bit shady because if you are not careful you could find yourself getting charged double.

The diary inside has not been updated for a year and the main girl who is advertised as being 19.  Well… Let’s just say that she has not been 19 for quite a while.


Do you live in or near Derry, New Hampshire?

Do you wear spandex in public?

If so, some creepy dude named Kieth has probably filmed you. Not only is this site just full of creepy videos of a guy in public filming butts as girls walk, jog, or sunbathe, but it is really quite a crappy site.  There are hundreds of clips, but they average about 35-40 seconds each. And are all of low 320×240 resolution. If you downloaded every clip you might get 4 hours of video, but it would be so tedious to watch them all.

Price:  $29.99 / Month

Visit: has a tour that is pretty predictable with quotes like:

“ updates 3 times a day. EVERY DAY!”

“20 Sites 24+ Teen models 60,000+ pictures!”

So how exactly does that work out? Well, durty girls itself has no content. They acquired a bunch of individual sites and put them all together under one membership. That in itself seems like a good idea, but the whole thing kind of falls apart once you pay $29.95 to get inside and realize almost every one of those 20 sites is broken or no longer exists. A few work but some are actually upsells to other sites. Which means you need to pay again. Why pay again if you already got ripped off once?

The sites you are supposed to be able to view (but can’t) are:


I guess I define “hottie” differently… I would say these women look more… I dunno, “scrappy”

I won’t go as far as say the site is a complete rip off. Although much of the content is very old, low res, and generally terrible. It is still updated on a regular basis, and if you pay the $29 a month for access it seems you might have a shot at getting an invite to some of the swinger parties a few of these women attend.

Maybe I would feel better about it if they didn’t have a horrendous design and terrible navigation.

Price: $29.95 / Month


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