This site is about as scammy and scuzzy as porn sites get. All of the content is simply stolen from social network sites or cam sites, etc. And there is very little content despite their “largest & hottest collection” claim.

There are 40 videos, only half of which are over 5 minutes. All of them are likely stolen from cam sites, other porn sites or found on free tube sites. There are 11 photo galleries featuring “emo” girls (which seems to mean any girl with dyed hair or tattoos and piercings). If you like the emo look, I guarantee you have seen every photo in this collection at least a dozen other places. The rest of the “photos” are just one single shitty screen cap from each of the videos.

This site has also been reported as an attack site which means it has been infected with some sort of malware. We don’t recommend visiting the site unless you are confident in your virus/malware protection software.

$29.95/month recurring

We won’t link to Real Emo Girlfriends due to the whole attack site issue.

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