This site appears to use the same template as our previous review of Overstuffed Holes. And Hardcore Fuck Machines is basically the same song, different verse. This one just attaches the dildos to machines instead of the girls just holding them.

The site began in mid January of this year so they have a few more updates under their belt, but still they are not weekly like they promise. If they updated weekly like they say there should be 42 videos/pic sets, but there are actually just 26.

From the ‘why should you join?’ page:

- Full-length throatfucking scenes featuring a different whore updated weekly!
- Each scene posted contains an average of 75 to 100 photos (in JPEG format) and 20-25 minutes of video (in the high-quality Windows Media format).
- and J.M. Productions are names you know and can trust. Period.

Hmm this looks familiar. Oh yeah it is a copy/paste from the Overstuffed Holes join page. And it’s STILL not true.

Only the first 4 updates have more than 75 photos. All the others have about 45-55 on average.

After looking at this site I realized it was odd that both sites mention ‘throatfucking scenes’ several times as both sites feature dildos. And this site features dildos attached to machines so they aren’t using them in ‘throatfucking’ style scenes. Turns out both of these sites were copy/pasted into templates from another site owned by the same company called Gag Factor. Sheesh how lazy can you get? It’s not that hard to change up a few things to make them look a little different and to write a few lines describing each individual site.


Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

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