Today we received a kind email request for a re-review of

I found my website I would suggest you take my site out! That isĀ defamation of character! If you do not I an going to haveĀ  our attorneys’ contacting you!

So we decided to take another look. During our initial review (below) nothing appeared to work, which is often the case with many of the sites we review on Awful Porn.

Maybe it was a problem on our end, maybe not. Either way the site works now and has quite a lot of content. However, most of it is very old and only in 2010 does it seem they have started updating with higher resolution photos.

The videos are all low resolution and low quality. If you want the good quality HD/DVD stuff you need to buy it at $19.95 per video extra. That could add up to hundreds of dollars if you want to see it all. Lame. You are already paying $25 a month for the site, why not make it all inclusive?

She does give regular cam shows to her members and blogs frequently.

In the end, I don’t think AwesomeAshley is quite awesome enough for the price. But, I won’t say it is a rip off if you think that Ashley is your type of girl.

Awesome Ashley thinks she is so awesome that once you give her your money, her crappy home page collage is all you will get to see of her:

The entire site is broken. You can click those buttons until your finger turns blue, but you will not get any further than this page.

$7/2 day trial (rebills at $24.95/month)

$24.95/month recurring

$39/90 days

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

4 Responses to “ *updated*”

  1. This is not true!,tyou had problems because my site is in flash, you must have the newet flash to view it and this is stated dummy LOLOLOLOOLOL

  2. I also suggest if you don’t change this or take it down YOU will get contacted !

  3. awesomeAshley no longer available as of 11/10/2013

  4. update : I mean no longer available as of 11/10/2013

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