Oh, my……where to start….

This site is just all sorts of awful. The site design is awful, the navigation is awful, the models and photography are awful, there is annoying blinking shit everywhere……

The ‘meet the models’ section is not clickable, so if you like a particular model you then have to search the site manually to find her (there is NO search feature and the “Old Galleries” index seems to be in no particular order). The model name “Thick Fudge” caught my attention (in a very, very bad way), but when I went to the archives I couldn’t find any photos of her (I should probably be very glad of this, however).

Some of the videos seem to be broken, and others are as short as 90 seconds.

The photos are so bad I just don’t even know how to describe them. So, just check them out for yourself below.

$24.95/month recurring

Visit ethinicknockers.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

One Response to “EthnicKnockers.com”

  1. I have to disagree. The design comment I don’t get at all. The photos are pretty good compared to other sites I’ve joined and the videos ain’t that bad either. In all I have to say awful is too strong of a word. Not the best but far from the worse. If you like big bbw black chicks you will like this site.

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