Are they telling you to free your mind to other definitions of “teen”? Because several of their models definitely don’t fit my definition of “teen”. (See below)

This site opened in December of 2005 and the last update was in December of 2006. They probably put up all their content over the course of that first year and never even intended to update, yet they still take your money.

They have an ok amount of pictures and a handful of movies so it really wouldn’t be such a rip off if they just lowered their price to account for the fact that they stopped updating. But, they still charge a huge price of $40 so it is clearly a rip off.

$9.95/2 days (rebills at $39.95/30 days recurring)

$39.95/30 days recurring

Visit eurogayteens.com then come back and tell us how awful it is!

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