So this guy drives around in his van picking up hookers. He offers them $20 for pictures and $20 for a blow job. After looking at the pictures I don’t even care about the frequency or number of updates. I’ll just let the awful pictures speak for themselves.

$29.95/30 days recurring

$49.95/90 days recurring

$99.95/180 days non-recurring

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

32 Responses to “”

  1. why would anyone in their right mind fork over north of 30 bucks to see a bunch of crackheads? He should be paying ME to look at that shit.

  2. Fucking repulsive shit right there.

  3. loving

  4. give me my pleasant sense of rising anticipation back! u wasted it.

  5. crack heads,crack heads,crack heads, what a shame.

  6. that is pure garbage,pure shit, pure crap.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;““`

  7. what the fucks on yr mjnd dude?

  8. from this pictures I want to say that, we are looking for good woman the best pictures, nice body because we can not just spending our time to watch this kind of picture, i hoppe that in the future the Blackvagianfinder will bring much better.

    Thank you

  9. garbage,garbage,garbage,you should be paying people to watch this shit: you shouldn’t be paid for this shit.

  10. you might well jump on a gabage truck as it goes by, i think you can find better shit in it;this is pure shit, i know they are crack heads but i have seen better crack heads than these shit hounds, you have found the lowest of the lowest. you need to check your shit.

  11. From a Bronx Tale: you need to get a real job,peddling this crap, you and these crackheads are a bag of sad shit:both you and them are a disgrace to the black race,you couldn’t pay me to have sex with those shit birds.

  12. This is senseless shit,you and those crackheads should be swimming with fishes.

  13. Al,have u ever seen such disgusting shit?when we were running the rackets in Chicago we had great stuff. Take a look at what this fool is peddling for whores,crack head after crack head. Frank,
    give this job to sammy bags and paulie tell them to pay this fool a visit.

  14. Love this place

  15. what a disgrace,what a shame;can you believe in this day and age someone will exploit individuals that find themselves addicted to crack.This guy must be thought a lesson,maybe we should get
    Prospect Place wWillie to pay him a visit.

  16. you know, i am wondering how you can live with yourself, you have to be stupid or a jerk either way
    you need admitting to a mental institute. Dude i can get crackheads in my neighborhood that look10 times better than this crap you are peddling: you know what i am going to post my shit so you can take a look,you sorry bastard.

  17. yo bro, i am trying to get in contact with boss bitch belinda.would like some assistance.

  18. i would like to pay your stupid ass a visit. you walking around with a mask on your face hiding and peddling garbage to and those crackhead bitches should be whacked

  19. u n those crackheads should be line up in a garage on valentines day;,u go figure out what would happen,u scum bag.

  20. Yo fuck all these haters. You got it going on. I love the sight. Too you hater that dont like it stay the fuck off the site.

  21. Weird shit i live in the hood and just can’t pay to see no naked j but i ain’t no later every body got a hustle some kinda way

  22. This is the blackvaginafinder himself. Thanks for all the love! talk have been supporting me since 2000. And as for Belinda that’s a coincidence cause I just asked her last week to do a video and she said no :(

  23. i am looking for boss bitch belinda,tell her to give me a call at 6466573233.i love this sight,all you all who hates this sight should sta a way.

  24. keep this sight going, we all love it that is why we are on it.

  25. why cant you hook me up? i am interested in meeting some of your girls. let me know what to do.

  26. Blackvaginafinder you are a GOD. If I was a woman Id stroll for you.

  27. Blackvaginafinder you are a GOD. If I was a woman Id stroll for you….I am a bi-sexual..i would walk the stroll for you daddy

  28. what city do you live i want to move there ain’t hardly no women here in butler i’ m hurtin

  29. i live in butler pa where there is no black culture, weed or black woman i despreatley want to move where i can acess some girl and weed please let me know what city you or these woman are in

  30. Those chics have AIDs

  31. You and this site is a piece of shit. all you are peddling is HIV(aids) I don’t know who the hell will have sex with those aids carriers. Frank! I want you to get three good guys and pay the fool responsible for peddling this shit a visit. I want you to find where he lives, where he works, I-w-his -h…se brn to the gr..nd.I wnt his f-m–y d–d, i w him sent to blank like a piece of blank.

  32. U have to fuck a crackhead or ugly or a fat bitch sometimes when them pretty hoes actin up. .but some crackheafs u b havin b pretty tho if they not something is like the pussy ass or tits…ma negger fuck da hatterthey shoulda never came on da site n da first place ..u da man keep it up n get ur dick suck no homo ma negger am proud of what u have done :-)

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