Join now and you’ll get free access to one of the largest online picture databases. Containing only the hottest ass oriented pics you ever wanted to see. If it “ain’t” here, you’ll not find it anywhere. The photo section is totally dedicated to those who just love asses and anal sex.

Really? I find that interesting, because the members section is actually the exact same site as we saw in our Absolute Asians review.

So that means that you will get a few anal pics and videos and then a giant assortment of crap.

I also like how they plaster FREE all over their tour, yet they are playing that old dirty trick that got the adult biz in so much trouble years ago. Lure people in with the promise of free porn, then bill their card for $39.21 if they do not cancel fast enough. Now, cancelling a trial subscription from a reputable processor like ccbill or epoch is easy. You just go to their site yourself and cancel instantly. But, does not use a billing processor I have ever heard of, nor do they have any sort of visible information on how you might cancel your trial.


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  1. hahaha. If you go to their affiliate site, you could win a brand new 4GB iPod! ZOMG! REALLY!?! Doesn’t help the (c) on the same site is 1996-2005. heh.

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