What would you expect of a site called Absolute Asians? Especially a site that claims to have “The largest collection of asian content anywhere.”?

I suppose you would expect a lot of Asians! Well, this site has some Asians, but mostly this is just a site with a bunch of licensed crap that has nothing to do with Asians. Please view some of the examples below and let me know if you feel any of these photos belong on an Asian themed site.

Price: $29.91 monthly

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3 Responses to “AbsoluteAsians.com”

  1. That has to be THE weirdest collection of porn I have ever seen in my entire life….. and I have some weird ass friends.

  2. [...] Really? I find that interesting , because the members section is actually the exact same site as we saw in our Absolute Asians review. [...]

  3. [...] Well not much to say here.  Youngporn.com is owned by the same people from our Aboslute Anal review and Absolute Asians review. [...]

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