Shocking Matures is pretty much full of hilarity in that the scenarios they present are just awful.

The common theme is an older woman (or a young woman wearing a bad wig and dressed up as an older woman) seduces a generally unwilling younger man. (See examples below)

There is a decent amount of content, the photo resolution and picture quality is good, the themes and subjects are not really sexy, but quite hilarious.

The main reason gets to be on awfulporn is because they are trying to pull that all too common trick of keeping old content up and just adding current dates to it to make you think when you log in that it is frequently updated with fresh content, only to discover later that is not the case.

That makes it a rip off, and what is there is certainly not worth the price.

Price: $34.95 Monthly

Visit then come back and tell us how awful it is!

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