“I now have nearly 5200 pictures, 15 journal entries and loads of other stuff” Wow 15 journal entries?! I’m sold! Where do I shell out the cash to read these amazing journal entries??

Actually it isn’t even 15 it’s really 13 lame journal entries. Here is the one entertaining journal entry:

Have you ever had sex?? Well, have you??

OMG its like the craziest thing. There is so much you have to think about. Who is it with? When to do it? How to do it? What to do and not do when doing it? Protection, what about protection? Do you always use, do you make exceptions, and if you do, when, why, and for whom?? Its so damn hard. The reason I say all this is because I was talking with my boss the other day at work, and she was telling that back in her day, there was no HIV, you just had to worry about other diseases, but those were curable for the most part. So times were a a lot more free. Not nearly as many worries. Getting pregnant was about most girls biggest fears back then, and that was about it. She went on to tell about going out with friends from work, how they would go out drinking after work, then head back to a house, and party more. And every so often, someone would hook up just for fun, no real relationship, no worries, no nuttin’. Those must have been fun times!”

And the ‘loads of other stuff’? Yeah that doesn’t exist.

So, what do you get for your 23 bucks a month? You get to see 53 non-nude photo sets and a handful of bts video clips of 3 different photo shoots.


$22.99/30 days recurring

$39.95/90 days recurring

$39.95/90 days non-recurring

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