Amy is a reasonably attractive girl who likes being bound and gagged.

Unfortunately for her website, this is a problem, because it appears that she designed it while tied up.

Here is a screenshot of the members area to demonstrate.

If you want to forgive her for the bad design, it might be harder to forgive her for the whole not updating since 2006 despite multiple claims of frequent updates coming soon.

Also, although she does not claim anywhere to get nude, do not expect her to. Your $14.95 a month only gives you access to a handful of photo sets in which she is well bound, but always clothed.

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  1. I will say there should be more videos , but there have been regular updates from and up to 2009 the last time I was a member anyway. The site may be simple , but who cares we get what we see and much more I think. The scan above only shows one page of the members sections there is also a large archive. Yes I was disappointed about the nudity , but I had no reason to think there was any and she is still hot and well tied and gagged that is for sure.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Dan.
    Apologies if I thought the site had not been updated more recently. Perhaps I missed something. I will re-review it sometime soon.

  3. Amy is a beautiful girl, and the fact that she never took her clothes off makes her even more beautiful. I respect her as a model. We’ll leave the nudity to the not so classy girls.

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