Update Feb 7th 2010

Well, it has been over 4 years since our first review of ErinsLegScene.com and we thought perhaps in this time she might have gotten her act together and upgraded her site and maybe even her look.

Nope.  Not only is Erin’s site still shitty, but it is even worse than before.  You see, Erin started this site in 2000 and by the time we did our first review in January 2006, she was not looking as good as she did earlier on.  In fact she was really starting to pack on the pounds and like most strippers from the 90′s, not aging well.  Erin panicked and decided the only thing she could do is rip off visitors to her site more by recycling her content each month and adding a new date to make it seem  as if she had not aged and was still bringing you fresh content each month.  While she has updated a little bit in recent years, it is hard to know what sets are truly new and which ones are almost a decade old and being called new.

Also, Erin decided the best way to fight her aging was not by quitting smoking or any special face creams.  She uses the magic of photoshop.  Only, she uses too much magic.  (Check out the first pic below.)

Yep, Erin is still awful.

Original Review

Erin Blair is probably a real nice girl, and I guess it’s neat that she designed and maintains her crappy looking site all by herself, but I’d think after all these years maybe she could figure out how to make it look a bit nicer and easier to navigate.

I had to keep checking the date on the sets because she looks like a stripper that walked out of 1992. Erin.. PLEASE get a makeover.

Price, $19.95 for 30 days – $17.95 recurring

Click here to visit ErinsLegScene.com and then come back to join the discussion on how awful the site is!

8 Responses to “Erinslegscene.com”

  1. I agree. Real waste of money and the pictures are all softened up to a point it looks like the pictures are paintings…Stay away!

  2. The comments are WRONG!
    Erin is HOT and the website is excellent and very easy to navigate.

  3. Erin style is dated for sure. She does have a nice body however her boob job is terrible.

    The website is a clusterfuck and I was done with the content in about 15 minutes. Stay away! For nylon lovers this site is at the very bottom.

  4. Oh yeah and mail I sent her to bitch about her shit site via a “privledged” members email addy bounced as undeliverable.

  5. erin is super hot and i love her style of clothes,heels,boots ect.

  6. well she is hot but lets face it..a lot of her pics are makeovers,her videos reek of narcissism and why is it the guy she gets it on with never gets a full hard-on?? and her claim that she likes to correspond with her customers is total bs..her email is totally blocked…tried to contact her to tell her some pics werent loading right

  7. Watch your FU@KIN mouths when speakin about her or any other Woman at that matter you fag fu@ks.Try livin in any of their HEELS.Oh wait you paparazzi,playa haten’ fu@ks might like that too much.Well you dont deserve to.Put your yourself,your words or your time anywhere these strong and OH SO SEXXXY WOMEN are.That is unless you truly understand the LOVE of these Women who live these lifestyles.For themselves….for you.So be true and respect Erin with love and support.
    “I love you just the way you are”.-ErinsLegScene.com.

  8. Site is closed for good. She no longer models and has retired from the business. She said that her site was closed down dur to hackers…

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