When you visit this site you quickly get the impression that the main attraction is the cam models. But when you sign up and log in, the links just lead you to cams provided by streamray… similar to what you see Here for free.

Aside from that, there is 100 galleries of mostly crappy photos.

It wouldn’t be so bad if there was more to the site and it wasn’t called the camcamroom. But to charge people $40 a month for this is pretty overboard.

$2.95 – 2 day trial – Rebills at $39.95 monthly. + additional fees to buy time with cam models.

Click here to visit CamCamRoom.com and come back to tell us how awful it is!

2 Responses to “CamCamRoom.com”

  1. I just found this blog of your and I say Thank god someone is out there exposing these loosers making a shitload of cash, ripping off people. I will be linking to your blog from mine. Thanks for exposing these loosers.

  2. It was really nice you know. Thanks for everything..

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