Ok, in looking at this site I couldn’t really decide if i should laugh uncontrollably or puke on my monitor. I ended up just staring in disbelief.

I am pretty much speechless, except i notice the webmaster rides in an Escalade, so people must like his site, only i am not sure what kind of people.

You decide.

$24.95 month


A comment on this post made me revisit the site and I’d like to say that even if I do not like the content. Those who do like what they see in the tour will probably be happy with the large selection of original content in the members area.

Click here to visit UdderValleyRanch.com, then come back and tell us how many times you puked!

13 Responses to “UdderValleyRanch.com”

  1. whoa, /me blinks, whoa…


  2. Not cool… I feel sick!

  3. better save your money ;-) cool blog btw

  4. eesh. i’m really kind of mad at you for posting that link. and i’m really kind of mad at myself for clicking on it.

    /me bleaches her eyes.

  5. Ah! My eyes, I’m going to have some nasty nightmares after viewing those monster mammaries.

  6. Fuck no!

  7. big girls rock!

  8. Well, holy crap! I like big girls, and big titties, but hell, this is just plain ridiculous !

    Site should be linked under “Chernobyl Radiation Effects” content…

    Thank goodness there are free sites. I’d get myself chemically neutered after paying for a site like this.

    Thaaaaaank yoooou for exposing crappy sites, man :D

  9. I’ll be the first honest SOB and say theres something strangely attractive about “some” of them I would not dare be pay to view any of it but hey not all bad!!

  10. Mommy I’m scared!!!

  11. pparently most of you people (as usual) are critizing something you dont understand. I have been a wild bill fan for many years. Wild Bill is a true genious and pioneer of BBW (big beautiful women) so before any of you start being judgemental, do your homework first. Especially the JERK who posted this revue. Not all women have to be skinny and raving beautys to be popular. (i bet most of you are ugly anyway)

  12. If there is one thing I have learned from being in this industry, there is something for everyone. And I can certainly appreciate BBW’s

    I will say that although I don’t like “Wild Bills” style of photography, choice of models, and site design. He does have a good selection of Original content, and if this is your sort of thing I would not discourage anyone from signing up, as I would not consider it a rip-off

    In fact.. I think I will update the review to include that.

  13. I love big girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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