*Update* Aww.. The very first site we reviewed for awfulporn is dead.  I won’t miss it at all.

*****Original Review*****

69HotIndianPussy.com exclaims “Indian Village Girls Trying Out HARD for the Porn Industry!”

Wow, I’m interested! And with all the exporting of US jobs, porn studios getting set up in remote Indian villages doesn’t sound all that unrealistic.

Once in the “Members Lounge” we are informed, “A world of sexual adventure awaits you!” Ooooh.. sexual adventures are my favorite kind. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me!

The site is divided into 2 sections, the “Indian Temple” and “Swedish Babes”. Huh? Well, I think that Sweden is close enough to India.. good enough for me.

To start I entered the Indian temple, my mouse hand quivering with excitement as I anticipated a glimpse of the glorious village group sex sessions promised in the tour.

I was quickly disappointed. Nearly all the photos are low resolution, and have such terrible compression quality they almost don’t even look like photographs. Half the content looks stolen as there are incomplete sets, photos with other urls on them, some photos with an attempt to cover up the url, scanned photos from books and magazines where you can clearly see the creases in between the pages, and I even recognized one girl from a nude beach here on Maui.. I highly doubt she licensed a dozen crappy amateur pics to these people.

Oh well, checking out the videos can’t be as bad as the photos…. Oh wait.. I guess it can. There are about a dozen low quality movies, each about 1 megabyte in size…so, in total about 8 minutes worth of video for you to check out.

I decided to check out the Swedish girls and I was almost surprised! The photos here are of good resolution and better quality, but there are only 5 galleries.

If this site organized their galleries better, and bought some quality content, maybe it would be almost worth checking out, but don’t waste your time and money.


One Month $9.95

Two Months $14.95

Three Months $19.95

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  1. I *heart* Killshot.

    ~Lux Nightmare (I was too lazy to create a blogger account.)

  2. yay she *hearts* me!!! :)

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